Project Description


Juffermans Surveyors have a diverse range of capabilities, due to the diverse nature of surveying. Being a Registered Professional Surveyor, Allen had shown advanced compitence in Engineering, Planning and Surveying.


Whether you’re putting up a new shed, a fence or a brand new house, it pays to know where your boundaries are to avoid a costly mistake. JSL will survey, register and certify your pegs, so not only do you get a peg in the ground, but you can pass on certification of the boundary positions to the agent and buyers when you come to sell. JSL delivers that little bit more value.

If you’re planning a new house, extending your existing, or just landscaping, you are best to obtain a site plan showing contours and feature on your property, so your architect has the best base to work from. JSL capture all the on-site features and services and presents it in a tidy, easy-to-understand plan.

Should you have services crossing your neighbour’s property, we can survey it, create the necessary easements and make sure its registered on your neighbour’s title.

If it’s to do with land, chances are it’s to do with us.