Project Description

The subdivision process can be a lengthy and often complicated process. Because every subdivision needs to be approved by Council there may be various Council staff that need to be consulted and other technical parties that may need to be involved to ensure all the aspects of the development are covered.

We have briefly outlined the stages involved in a subdivision to help you understand the subdivision process and how JSL can assist.

Depending on whether a subdivision feasibility investigation has been carried out, the following are reviewed:

  • Land Information New Zealand records
  • Council records search
  • Site inspection
  • Evaluation of property against relevant parts of District Plan
  • Development engineering assessment
  • Estimate of development costs
  • Topographical survey
  • Preparation of scheme plan
  • Liaison with 3rd party specialists if required
  • Engineering plans if required
  • Prepare application and assessment of effects
  • Lodge application with Council
  • JSL reviews conditions of consent and discuss these with clients
  • Applicant has 15 days from granting of consent to object against any conditions imposed by Council
  • Conditions may require further approvals to be obtained eg. Engineering Plans or Discharge Permit
  • Quotations may be obtained for any construction work at this stage
  • Undertake field survey and calculations to define existing boundaries
  • Calculation of new boundaries
  • Pegging of subdivision
  • Preparation of Land Transfer Plan and supporting documents; also referred to as e-survey plans
  • Lodgement of Land Transfer Plan with Council for endorsement – Section 223 Application
  • Lodgement of Plan and supporting documents with LINZ for approval
  • Supply copy of the approved plan to client’s Solicitor
  • JSL can coordinate this process if client is not able to do so.
  • Appoint contractors at this stage for –
    • Utility services – telephone, power, water
    • Engineering works – drainage, driveways or vehicle crossings
  • Supervision and certification of construction by JSL
  • Preparation of as-built plans by JSL
  • Obtain compliance certificates from Council and other service providers
  • JSL prepares application and applies to Council for Section 224 Certificate
  • Council advises applicant of contributions to be paid
  • Council releases Section 224 Certificate and other relevant documents once contributions have been paid
  • The Solicitor lodges Section 224 Certificate and other relevant documents with LINZ
  • The Land Transfer Plan is deposited
  • New titles are issued
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